Conebeam Computer Technology


  • 3D movie deeply examines jaw area in 3 dimensions. Easy to measure, support diagnostics, especially for deformation.
  • Heath Safety
  • Help Deantists:
    • See the entire cranium structure through photo editing software. Large FOV (from 10x11cm to 18x23cm) helps to analyze the position and direction of the mandibular nerve, the tip of the tooth, the previous implant, the sinus and the nose.
    • In surgery: Examine the bone quality and quantity so that the specialist can easily plan treatment for each specific case.
    • Children: Detection of missing teeth, wisdom teeth deviated, the situation deformed. Especially predict the trend of developing children’s overbite or underbite ...
    • Detection of latent diseases of adults: salivary gland, infection in the jaw bone ...

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