Big Laugh, Big Holiday

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Besides planning for the long holiday coming, Have you guys prepared for a beautiful smile or strong teeth to eat comfortably and have fun? Let Vietnam Dental Tourism suggest to you some “tips” for dental health care – QUICK but still QUALITATIVE for you to enjoy the energy holidays.

A special gift from Vietnam Dental Tourism for all customers when coming to the modern dental examination with international standards for completely free.

Polishing is a process that removes stains on the tooth surface (or gum line) to make teeth cleaner. Smooth surface is more difficult for plaque and food debris to accumulate on your teeth, avoid tooth decay or gum diseases.

COMPOSITE FILLING – Only from 345.000 VND
Composite is a type of material used to fill teeth in dentistry. This is a synthetic plastic that does not harm the human body, which has colorsmixed  as the same asthe true color of the patient’s teeth. When properly filled in compliance with the technical standards, customers will be able to freely eat and drink, but still be safe and beautiful.

TOOTH GEM – Only from 1.150.000 VND
The service for those who like to stand out from the crowds when they smile brightly with small gems, or metal attached to teeth with dental glue. Dental gems are applied using professional dental adhesives, like an orthopedic frame is attached to the teeth.

WHITENING – Only from 3.500.000 VND
Teeth Whitening is a solution that helps you improve the color of your teeth. It is determined by two factors: genetics determines your original tooth color and color pollution that occurs during the operation can alter the original tooth color that is indicated by the gene. This service will help customers confidently communicate, eat and drink freely, but still keep durable color for your teeth.

With Vietnam Dental Tourism, let’s take the time of the holidays to take care of dental health. Because, only when you really are comfortable and confident with yourself, the holidays with family and friends become perfect!

Dental Tourism – Du lịch nha khoa Việt Nam
Hotline: 0934274917

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