Feb 13, 2019 / Admin Dental Tourism

Global warranty is a beneficial guarantee for clients and demonstrates the trust Vietnam Dental Tourism has on the quality of care it provides. The company offers global warranty to all clients, and also offers group warranty for clients based in Vietnam. Group warranty entails the option and freedom for clients, who through the warranty claim require further corrective treatment, to receive treatment at any Vietnam Dental Tourism affiliated dental clinics. 


Whereas global warranty provides reassurance to clients who may be based outside of Vietnam. Clients based in the US for example, are covered under the maintenance and warranty policy. Dental clinics associated with Vietnam Dental Tourism in the States will provide maintenance service and may also provide treatment which is covered under the warranty and is within the duration specified in the warranty policy. However, in particular cases depending on the scale of treatment required, some clients may be required to be flown back to Vietnam, at no cost to the client. 


Additionally, Vietnam Dental Tourism’s Digital Profile, which all clients registered with the company have, makes the process for a warranty claim straightforward. This is as all treatment plans and medical records are stored on the digital platform and are easily accessible. Utilizing these files, Vietnam Dental Tourism will consult with a team of experts for each warranty claim case. The warranty claim is a thorough process and due to the hindsight exercised through the innovation of the digital profile, it ensures clients have security. (Read more about Digital Profile Here)


Ultimately, Vietnam Dental Tourism guarantees quality of treatment and aims to provide the best dental care possible. However, there is the potential for post-treatment complications to occur, therefore Vietnam Dental Tourism will be an active intermediary in helping mediate any potential disputes which may occur.