HCMC: Dental Tourism Festival 2017

Dec 07, 2017 / Admin Dental Tourism

This is a cultural tourism combined medical activities to promote cultural beauty in tourism and dental.

On Saturday June 24th 2017 at Independence Palace, “Dental Tourism Fair” was hosted by Department of Tourism HCMC, Department of Health HCMC, Odonto-Maxillo Facial Hospital HCMC, and Vietnam Dental Tourism. The Fair consisted of 4 main activities, including: Seminar "Dental Tourism: Development Strategies", Exhibitions: “July, Dental's Sales Season”, Digital Dental Technology Showroom and Photo Exhibition: “Giang Son Gam Voc”.

Delegates visit the exhibition "Digital Dentistry Technology" at the event

The Fair’s goal was to strengthen the connection between the government and local Dentists and Travel Agencies, on top of establishing an execution plan for the new tourism product, leading to our 2020 goal of accounting for 1/3 of the tourist population.