Mar 28, 2019 / Admin Dental Tourism

Refill My Bottle is a community of responsible travelers, conscious locals and mindful business owners who take action against plastic waste. They provide a simple solution to this
complex problem. They have created a network of Refill Stations that are listed on an online map. Anyone can use these Refill Stations to refill their bottles as an alternative to buying
water in plastic bottles.

Refill My Bottle officially launched in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam on August 29 2018, and had more than 20 Refill Stations. The dental clinics – members of Vietnam Dental Tourism
have joined the project by having the RefillStations at their dental clinics. And hopefully, by joining this project, Vietnam will join the world to reduce plastic waste and send out the message "Reduce - Reuse - Recycle For A Better Future”.

As tourists and locals, feel free to stop by at any time for a refill. A cool rest stop like this during a tropical heat day will even be more meaningful.