Feb 12, 2019 / Admin Dental Tourism

Vietnam Dental Tourism offers all clients a digital account once they have registered with the company. This is an encrypted system which streamlines the storage of medical records, treatment plans, and payment histories, thus enabling clients to access their dental records with ease. Having a digital account removes the hassle of keeping track of dental records and films, in the chance that they may be required for future treatment. 

As with many other online accounts, it provides a convenient option for all client information to be stored and accessed at any time from any given location. 

Vietnam Dental Tourism demonstrates the value of the digital account through three main avenues. This includes treatment plan records, media storage, and payment receipts. 

By storing treatment plans on the digital platform, it allows clients to have access to the treatment details they plan to or have already undergone. This is especially useful if the client wishes to have further treatment done in another clinic that may not be affiliated with Vietnam Dental Tourism or even another country. 

Additionally, by having a record of treatment plans available, it any instance wherein a warranty claim needs to be made, it is a straightforward process due to the easy access of the treatment plans agreed upon through consultation. This provides both security and reassurance for the clients. (Read more about Group/Global Warranty here)

It is important to have a record of ones’ medical history, including dental records as it allows for more efficient consultations and consequently, diagnoses. Therefore, by having accessible treatment information and plans on the platform ensures that clients can access their information in one convenient online location. 

Similarly, the media storage component of the digital account refers to the online storage of x-ray films, medical forms, other test results etc. This allows for all of the client’s information to be available in one location. This simplifies the process of gathering and storing medical histories for the client. Especially when traveling, there is an increased likelihood of losing or misplacing documents, therefore the digital system also allows for secure storage. 

Last, but not least, is the payment receipts. The platform retains a record of the client’s payment histories pertaining to any treatment they have had through any dental clinics affiliated with Vietnam Dental Tourism. As like with the benefit of having treatment plans stored on the platform, by having payment histories and receipts available online, it allows the client to have a straightforward warranty claim process if need be. 

Essentially, the digital account acts as a safety net for clients as it allows storage of all treatment affiliated documents to be stored in one, safe online location.