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International Travel Expo 2019 – Beautiful picture

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Vietnam Dental Tourism is always looking for new ways to reach our customers and partners. If you were lucky enough to attend The International Travel Expo from the 4th-7th September, you might have seen us.
Each day of the event we had a different Vietnamese look. This picture shows the Vietnamese traditional costumes. Traditional costumes “Áo Tứ Thân” were very colorful and had four long flaps, two in the front and two in the back. The costume is also a representative of the truly beauty of the northern Vietnam.

Coming down to the middle part of Vietnam, the ”Áo Dài” is a Vietnamese traditional garment, worn by men and women daily, however today most commonly worn by women. In its current form, it is a
tight-fitting silk tunic worn over silk trousers.

Moving a bit further to the southern Vietnam, we will see “Áo Bà Ba” is a short shirt with long sleeves and buttons from the neck down. Áo bà ba is always paired with long silk trousers. The colors of this set depend on the combination. It is seen more in the country side because of it practicality.

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