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Join the official dental tourism network in Vietnam

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Join the official dental tourism network in Vietnam, 

and the largest network of clinics and hospitals across the country

Global Marketing Network

Vietnam Dental Tourism constantly expands, seeks out and connects with partners around the world to create a broad network to provide services to our global customers. We make it easier for you to effectively connect with your stakeholders.


At Vietnam Dental Tourism, integrity
is the core of what we do. We pride
ourselves on communicating openly
and honestly with our partners, to
ensure trust and to create mutually
beneficial relationships.

Proven Endorsement

Vietnam Dental Tourism, with many years of experience in the industry, and a proven track record in both service delivery and quality assurance, has been endorsed by multiple major partners across industries. Also, being endorsed by many government entity partners ensure a trust-worthy reputation of Vietnam Dental Tourism, as well as its transparency. 

The Largest Dental Network

Vietnam Dental Tourism affiliates with multiple clinics across Vietnam and qualifies them by strictly following group standards that are internationally proven and endorsed. With over 30 clinics across cities, dental tourists are well supported throughout their travel, especially useful for post treatment concerns and follow-ups.

Group / Global Warranty

Global warranty provides reassurance to customers who may be based outside of Vietnam. Whereas, Group warranty provides reassurance to Vietnam based customers. These warranties ensure that Vietnam Dental Tourism will remain an active intermediary between clients and clinics throughout all treatment stages.

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