Policy Of Visa Refund

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The information for all customers around the world who wish to come to Vietnam for dental services. VIETNAM DENTAL TOURISM will REFUND ALL VISA COSTS TO YOU!

With the support and assistance of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Dental Tourism is gradually fulfilling its mission of becoming “GLOBAL DENTAL TOURISM HUB”. In order to continue to improve our services in the best way as well as to attract more interests from overseas, Vietnam Dental Tourism provides Visa Refund Policy to all customers from all over the world with demand for going to Vietnam to use the service.
With commitment to provide customers with high quality dental services in the shortest possible time with extremely reasonable prices. Vietnam Dental Tourism hopes that the VISA REFUND policy will make it easier for customers to have a better experience when combining tourism and dentistry in Vietnam.

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