Dental crowns and bridges are used to restore or replace missing natural teeth. Dental crowns, commonly known as caps, are used to maintain the functionality of damaged or weakened teeth. Crowns are generally applied when a cavity is too large for a filling, when a tooth is cracked or worn, to protect a restored tooth after root canal or to cover a discoloured tooth. When a crown is fitted it is designed to restore the damaged tooth to its original size and shape.

A dental bridge generally consists of two crowns placed on either side of a gap in the mouth, in addition to the replacement tooth. If a gap in the jaw is left, over time it can cause the adjacent teeth to shift position, causing additional problems.  When a bridge is installed the teeth either side are held firmly in place, functioning as a regular tooth and allowing full restoration of the mouth and maintaining the facial structure. 

Starting at $200 per tooth, zirconia porcelain is commonly used for crowns and bridges due to its resistance to fracture and high abrasions, biocompatibility and natural, white appearance. Zirconia is also commonly used to perform dental implants and braces due to these properties.