Ca Mau province, belongs to Mekong Delta, is located in the Southern tip of Vietnam with a 307-kilometer long coastline and a complex system of rivers and channels. It is also known for being the endpoint of the S-shaped Vietnam.

Visiting Ca Mau, tourists can emerge themselves in the beautiful natural sceneries while enjoying indigenous and yummy food, and also have the chance to better understand the insights of the locals, known for their sincere, generous and hospitable characteristics.



The Cape of Ca Mau

This is a unique spot of Vietnam Tourism not only because of its most Southern location but also because of the fact that it is the only place in Vietnam where one can see the sun rising in the East and setting in the West.

With a diverse system of wild plants and animals, the giant mangrove forests are surely the most noticeable feature of this land, as they are the intersection of the East Sea and the West Sea.

It is estimated that there are over 240 types of plants, 36 species of animals, 194 species of birds, and 260 species of fish, with many of them listed as endangered species.

Hon Khoai Island 

This is a stone island with untouched hills and forest, home to many types of animals and plants, as well as the mesmerizing wilderness.

This island is surrounded with a huge cluster of beautiful islands such as Hon Tuong, Hon Sao, Hon Kho, Hon Lon, Hon Doi Moi, etc., among which the Hon Khoai Island is the biggest and highest with a width of 4km2 and a height of 318m. You can also find the most important (and probably the most romantic) lighthouse in the Gulf of Thailand and the East Sea here.

Bird Yard

The famous Bird Yard is situated inside The Cultural Park which covers a total area of 18.2 ha including amusement parks, monuments, botanical gardens, stilt houses, Ho Chi Minh pond, etc. and many typically tropical species such as crocodile, monkey, snake, lizard, python, etc. 

The bird garden, however, is the most popular spot in the whole park. This is actually a 2-ha forest where thousands of birds, storks, etc. gather every afternoon. Recently, there are also other new types of bird such as teal, swan, etc. choosing to reside and procreate in this area.

U Minh Ha Forest

U Minh Ha Forest is the largest mangrove forest beyond the Amazon basin, covering 1000 sq km. Home to endangered mammals – including the hairy-nosed otter and the fishing cat – and 187 bird species, tourists can hire “Vỏ lãi”, a special motor boat to discover the forest and observe its flora and fauna system, or experience honey collecting with the local farmers.

What to eat

Ca Mau is not only famous for its tourist attractions but also its delicious dishes, such as: grilled snakehead fish, salted “ba khía” (3 striped crabs), baby bee salad, “ốc len” (mud creeper snails) in coconut milk, grilled Greasy-back shrimps, steamed clams with ginger, grilled oysters with green onion, or a range of hot pots such as fermented fish hot pot, Pug – headed mudskipper cooked with rice ferment, sour soup with mudskippers, etc. These are the popular dishes which tourists can try at almost any tourist site or restaurants in Ca Mau City.