The most famous rocky area of Ha Giang is Dong Van Rock Plateau, which is recognized by UNESCO as one of 77 geological parks in the world. Lung Cu hamlet lying inside Dong Van Rock Plateau is another indispensable destination as it marks the very northern tip of Vietnam by Lung Cu Flag Tower on Dragon Mountain.

Not only that, Ha Giang is a venue of many fanciful natural caves such as Phuong Thien Cave, Lung Khuy Cave, Fairy Cave and Swallow Cave. Although all these caves offer wonderful scenery with fantastic shapes of stalactites, each one has its own stories and traits. For example, legend says that fairies used to bath in Fairy Stream inside Fairy Cave which is the source of its name.

Ha Giang is also well-known for its magnificent forests in which there are more than 1,000 species of rare woods, medicinal plant as well near-extinct wild animals like tigers, peacock or pangolin.

Ha Giang’s unique culture

Residents of this mountainous province consist mainly of different ethnic minorities with a major of Hmong, Tay, Dao, and Nung ethnic groups. Thanks to its diversity, nowhere else can one see more fusing traditions than Ha Giang. Each of the ethnic group has its unique custom in terms of wedding, worship, festivals or funeral. To illustrate, a Hmong groom can only get married only if he can rob his wife but no one know about his action to be successful pass the trial.

In Ha Giang, in order to see the most unique custom of the ethnic minorities, it is recommended to take a trekking tour or travel by motorbikes because these hamlets live in isolation away from the mainstream society. Coming to these tribes, ones may see certain charms on their doors to expel demons and evil spirits. However, the locals who are very friendly welcome visitors to their home like honored guests and offer to treat their special dish, Thang Co (horse meat hot-pot).

A unique spot can only be seen in Ha Giang is “Khau Vai Love Market”. The market-day is held monthly on the 26th and 27th each month of the Lunar Calendar. Here, both single and married people in different ethnic groups can come to find ones’ ideal life-partner to share their feelings and empathy to each other. Lunar New Year seems to be the best time to visit Ha Giang when ones can see a wide variety of traditional customs of ethnic minorities here, such as celebrating success, rain ritual, sons ritual, crossbow shooting competition, pan-pie performance or “Còn” Throwing competition.