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Trips to Vietnam: Useful information

Useful information_CURRENCY


The local currency is Vietnam Dong (VND)
Only change money at official money exchange counters with a clear sign showing this status. Changing money elsewhere is illegal and while higher rate may be on offer you may risk losing your money.

Credit cards are widely accepted, but outside main centres you may find cash the only acceptable currency. It may be difficult to cash travellers’ cheques.

ATMs are widely available in major cities and tourist areas.
You can have funds transferred to Vietnam via international money transfer companies like Western Union or Moneygram

Useful information_WORKING HOUR


During weekdays, business hours are typically 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m with a one hour lunch break, normally from 12:00nn to 1:00pm.

On Saturdays, work hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Vietnamese government offices are on a 5-day workweek and are no longer open on Saturdays.

In some large cities such as Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, the main hubs for tourist activity, you can find restaurants and nightlife stay open until midnight or much later, some clubs stay open until 4:00am. Street food vendors also cook up food until the late hours of the night.

Useful information_EMERGENCY NUMBER


It is very important for a good preparation is knowing some emergency numbers to ensures safety of you under unforeseen circumstances.

  • Police: 113
  • Fire: 114
  • Ambulance: 115


Useful information_VISA


In order to enter Vietnam, you need to have Visa and depending on your purpose, you will need to get different Visa types. There are 4 types of Visa that you can get: Vietnam Tourist Visa: the most popular Visa, which is valid for 30 days with single or multiple entry. Vietnam Business Visa: the validity is 3 month with either single or multiple entries. However, it is difficult to get Vietnam business 3 month multiple visa. If you want to obtain it, you must have Warranty Letter from your sponsor in Vietnam, and then Vietnam Immigration officer may grant this type of visa. Vietnam Student Visa: you can require this Visa once you get invitation or admission evidence from a school in Vietnam. Or you can enter Vietnam with the tourist Visa first. Then you can change your visa status by enrolling in a Vietnamese language course. However, the easiest way is to have a travel company help you making the application. Vietnam Transit Visa: transit Visa is required if you stay longer than 1 day and need to find a place to rest or to have a short city tour. You will be asked to give an itinerary for your short stay or traveling while applying for Vietnam Transit Visa. You should have an agent in Vietnam to obtain the Vietnam visa approval letter.



Once you leave your country, you need a passport of at least 6 months validity. This is applies for all international travel, including between the US and Canada but excluding EU member countries. If you are coming to Vietnam you need both a valid passport and a valid Vietnam visa You will be asked for your passport and visa at the time of check- in, no matter where you fly from. Vietnam visa can either be a ready visa stamp into your passport or a signed visa approval letter Upon presenting your passport and visa, you will be provided a boarding pass to fly to Vietnam. When you arrive in one of the three airports (Da Nang, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city) , the first thing you will see often before or right beside the Customs area is the Immigrating Office with the bright sign saying visa on arrival or landing visa

Useful information_prohibited and restricted items


Before entry to Vietnam, be aware of some prohibited and restricted items in this list:…/vietnam/index.shtml


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